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Heat leaving tires in the dust | News

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Heat leaving tires in the dust

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Jerry Cason is giving a lesson on the dangers record-breaking heat poses on tires. "If you can put your hand on your tire and it is too hot for you to touch, you need to take a break," Cason said.

Tire pressure is measured by pounds per square inch and the levels change with extreme temperature.

Experts say tire pressure can increase one to two pounds every 10 degrees.

That increased temperature makes traction more difficult and it can send you into a tailspin.

Cason said, "We know that there are certain instances where tires have just blown out and contributed to an accident. With this heat, we want to avoid sudden stops, fast acceleration and hard turns because it lessens the grip of the tire. That make you vulnerable to loosing control." 

In extreme heat, officials say check the tire pressure every 2 to 3 hours or every 100 miles.

"Manufacturers places a sticker on the door posts that indicate their recommended tire pressure. Tire manufactures usually put that information on the side of the tire." 

Officials say it's best to inflate your tires while they are cold or during the cooler part of the day.

Experts also tell us you should check your tires for excessive wear.

The heat can easily damage worn tires.

Another danger Cason wants people to be aware of is the dehydrated driver.

Officials say during this extreme heat, more people are getting behind the wheel while showing the symptoms of dehydration and that can cause accidents as well. 


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