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Patients respond to accusations against doctor | News

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Patients respond to accusations against doctor

BETHANY, Okla. -- We have new information involving an Oklahoma doctor facing serious accusations. Dr. Steve Schoelen was recently arrested for driving under the influence, and as we reported, that was not his first arrest.

At the end of July, two drivers in Bethany accused Dr. Schoelen of hitting them while driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

Zoei Taylor said, "He needs to lose his license and I'm going to make sure of it if I can."

Brent Gragg said, "He could have killed me, could have killed anyone just flying past that stop sign."

After the accidents, Oklahoma City Police officers arrested Schoelen for DUI.

Back in 2005, it was a similar story.

That DUI landed Schoelen on probation with the medical board.

Lyle Kelsey is the executive director of the Oklahoma Medical Board. He said, "I think we are discouraged and disappointed that this has come up."

It turns out Scholen's probation ended just weeks before the new accident and arrest.

An arrest the medical board said they didn't know about until our story.

They are now opening an investigation.

Kelsey said, "We will look into all the charges, get all the detail information, and then determine how to proceed at that point in time."

Dr. Schoelen is required to disclose any arrests when he applies for a renewal of his medical license.

For him, that would normally not take place until July 1 of next year.

That means the Medical Board's investigation now has a year's head start because of our report.

We looked through his public file and discovered Dr. Schoelen has a history of prescription drug abuse dating back to 1992 when he went through treatment for the abuse of Fentanyl which is a pain medication. 

Dr. Schoelen declined our request for an interview when we were at his clinic, but his patients are speaking out.

We found a review website with a lot of comments.

Some stand by the doctor saying they like him very much, but others disagree.

One patient recalls an instance where the doctor was "literally screaming at me" and using obscenities.

Ultimately it will be up to the medical board to decide what will happen with Schoelen's practice.


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