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Metro band thanks KFOR viewers | News

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Metro band thanks KFOR viewers

OKLAHOMA CITY — A metro band is thanking News Channel 4 viewers.

We first told you about the need for band instruments at the Santa Fe South Charter Schools a couple weeks ago.

Turns out our viewers have come through in a big way for those students.

School at Santa Fe South started last week. 

Monday morning we caught up with students and Band Director Scott Filleman.

Monday was a big day for his first-year students.

They were receiving their instruments for the first time.

Filleman spent the majority of their class time checking out instruments.

The instruments for that class are only there thanks to the generosity of Channel 4 viewers.

The need a couple of weeks ago was 81 instruments.

As of Monday morning they’ve collected 67.

Filleman said, “It’s almost been overwhelming.”

Many viewers have asked us why this school loans instruments to these students.

Well, the truth is, if it weren’t for that loaning program, many of the students would not be in band.

Many of the students come from families that simply cannot afford to purchase the instruments.

Edwin, one of the students, said, “They don’t have to go off track to spend money on me. They can focus on the bills and stuff.”

Filleman said, “Many of our families struggle to put food on the table for these kids.”

He said he’s seen music change people’s lives.

He wants to make sure these students have that opportunity, despite their economic status.

Noah, another band student, said, “Band teaches a lot of things, not just music. It teaches dedication and other stuff that you need in life to go on and be successful.”

Mr. Filleman and his students want to thank you, our viewer, for helping out.

While the band will likely make the instruments they have work for this year, they said there is still a need for lower brass or reed instruments, especially trombones.

The band will hold their first concert coming up Sept. 27.


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